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Tivoli, Brunswick Road, Buckley


An article from The Mold, Deeside and Buckley Leader, 29.5.1925





Buckley's new theatre, The Tivoli was formally opened on Monday evening. This beautiful building which has been erected on the site of the old Central Hall, should play a large part in the development of this district, for there is certain to be a large weekly influx of patrons from the surrounding villages. Just twelve months' ago to the very day of the opening of the new theatre the old Central Hall closed down and was immediately dismantled and pulled down. The old building had for many years been used as a picture house, but the owner (Mr Robert Rowlands) considered the old hall had served its purpose and was antiquated in more ways than one, and totally in adequate to meet the needs of any large function, so he made up his mind to erect a building which Buckley people would be proud of, and anyone passing along Brunswick Road and seeing this imposing structure that has been erected will at once realise and admit that Buckley is now in possession of one of the largest and most elaborate places of amusement for miles around. Nothing has been spared to make the building attractive and comfortable.


The interior is artistically and expensively decorated in pleasing colours. All the latest and most up to date devises in theatrical art have been introduced in making the edifice right up to the date. The ornamental woodwork is of solid mahogany and the massive doors at the entrance are surrounded with large panels of stained glass, and are protected by large iron gates that open and close with a patent device. Even the name Tivoli is spelt in electric bulbs over the entrance, which flash in and out at night-time in London style. The music arrangements are in charge of Miss Suryani the well-known violinist.


During the performance on Monday evening Miss Clara Hayes contributed a solo and Mr. William Wilson chairman of the Buckley Urban Council in moving a vote of thanks said he would like to say a few words as a representative of the public. Mr. Rowland, the proprietor, made up his mind to provide a theatre for Buckley second to none in any way and this he had accomplished. Nearly all the work had been done by Buckley men. Mr. Rowlands had spared nothing to make the place comfortable and he was sure he would supply amusements in keeping with such a beautiful place. Mr. W. C. Collin seconded the resolution. In responding Mr. Rowlands said "The building which has been designed on up-to-date lines contains the latest appliances and equipment, and will accommodate a foyer, which can be adapted as a lounge or waiting room, the auditorium with lavatory accommodation leading from the same. On the first floor, space has been provided for a Café with waiting room with lavatories adjoining. The balcony and staircases are constructed of reinforced concrete, no columns being used for supports, thus giving an unrestricted view from all parts of the auditorium to the stage. At the rear of the screen a stage 45 feet by 23 feet for theatrical productions, with gird roof to fly all curtains and scenery, is arranged with six male and female artiste's dressing rooms adjoining them. The main operating room is also placed behind the screen, the latest method of rear projection on a transparent screen being adopted, thus removing causes of eyestrain and rays of light in the auditorium and rendering it unnecessary for the auditorium to be in total darkness. Tip up chairs are provided for the whole of the seating, and the floors are covered with carpets and patent linoleum composition, and are warm, resilient and sound proof, and numerous exits in addition to the main entrance and exits are suitably placed so that the building, in case of fire, can be empties in the shortest possible time. Messrs Hayes Bros. of Buckley were the general contractors for the work. The building was designed and the work supervised by Mr. R. Lloyd Roberts of Mold."



Author: Mold, Deeside and Buckley Leader


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