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Amos Tarran's Cottage"

Higher Common Road, Buckley


This photo of Amos Tarran's cottage was included in:

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Ten, April 1985;

George Lewis: Selections from his diary, 1898 to 1962;

Part One, 1898 to 1905



Jun 10 Sat My uncle, Amos Tarran, died and was buried at St Matthew's, Buckley

(at 91.3)


Elizabeth Tarran (nee Lewis) was George Lewis's aunt.The cottage had a remarkable orchard, planted by George Lewis. It had a tenant Mr & Mrs Bartley until the 60s. Problems with the thatched roof brought about its demolition. Elizabeth Tarran's brother, George, lived in Pentre Lane. George Lewis is either the diarist or his son.



Author: Anon


Year = 1910

Building = Domestic

Gender = Mixed

People = Couple

Extra = Architecture

Extra = 1910s

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