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Programme of the Official Opening of the new band headquarters "

Royal Buckley Town Band Headquarters, Buckley

28 September 1985

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Chairman: Mr N. Hewitt

Vice-chairman: Mr R. Hird


Secretary: Miss J. Chard

Treasurer: Dr D.J. Nancarrow

Bandmaster: Mr G.G. Smith

Band Manager: Mr J. Wynne

Deputy- Bandmaster: Mr C. Smith

Librarian: Mr R. Wilcock


Executive Committee

Band Members: Messrs S. Sparks, K. Jones, K. Lloyd, J. Tunney, D. Peers,

B. Price, P. Hird, and N. Wilcock

Ladies of the Committee: Mrs S. Price, Mrs Davies, and Mrs Jones

Representatives of the General Public: Mr S. Lloyd, Mr Price

Junior Band Representatives: Julie Le Dain, James Tapp




2.30 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. Band will be playing in front of the New Headquarters


3.00 p.m. Opening Ceremony

i) Welcome by the Chairman of the Band - Mr N. Hewitt

ii) Short History of the Band - Mr K. Lloyd

iii) Purchase and Renovation of New Headquarters - Dr N.


iv) The Guest of Honour - Mr Barry Jones, M.P.

v) Dedication given by - Rev. Gwynn Rees Jones,

Vicar of Bistre

vi) Presentation to Mrs Janet Jones - Miss J. Chard

vii) Vote of thanks to the guest given by Mr G.G. Smith -

Bandmaster and seconded by Mr R. Hird - Vice-Chairman


Light refreshments will be available at the close of the Ceremony for which we hope that guests and friends will stay and also to enjoy a collection of photographs etc. displayed in the building.

Author: Royal Buckley Town Band


Year = 1985

Month = September

Day = 28

Building = Other

Gender = Mixed

People = Group

Extra = Music

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