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Buckley Magazine Number Two: programme page for the Victory garden fete at Hawkesbury"

Hawkesbury, Mill Lane, Buckley


In 1966, The Buckley Drama Circle won the Flintshire Drama Association's three-act festival with a "compelling" production of Ibsen's "Brand". The adjudicator was A. John Fox, a lecturer in drama for the Stoke-on-Trent, who unstintingly commended the Circle for tackling such a long and difficult play. The producer was Derek Hollins, who was given full marks for his imaginative use of different stage levels and dramatic grouping in the crowd scenes. He complimented the able interpretation of Michael Evans as Brand and said Margaret Shone's performance as Agnes, Brand's wife, was a sensitive and moving piece of acting.


The trophies for the festival were presented by the president, Mrs V. H. Fairborn Eyton. Mr T. M. Haydn Rees presided.


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