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John Merriman Gibson's electoral leaflet for Hawarden Parish Council Election"




Major Gibson versus Mr Parry


Mr Parry asks:

1. "If Major Gibson has so much confidence in the strength of his arguments, why did he not issue them earlier? But he is quite right, things that wont bear light are best kept in the dark."


Major Gibson' s answer is:


1. " The arguments are statements of facts which have been proved so strong and truthful, that Mr Parry has only attempted to answer them with the meaningless twaddle on the other side. My address was posted to every Registered Elector in ample time for them to consider before voting, and I have so much confidence in the Electors that I feel sure they will judge for themselves without the help of Mr Parry."


2. Mr Parry says, the rateable value of the proposed Urban portion

Of this Division is £12,000

Bistre and Argoed £ 8,000


2. Major Gibson says, if such is the case, this Division would pay 1s. 6d. for every 1s. paid by the Bistre and Argoed Division.


3. One of Mr Parry's supporters, viz: Mr E. Roberts, "Cosy", said at the Enquiry by the Council Committee: - "There would be about 1,000 voters in Bistre and Argoed, and about 500 in the other Townships" - by which he meant this Division.


3. Major Gibson leaves it to the Electors to judge where the money would be spent. Surely, it is evident, the larger the population, the greater the needs.





Author: Gibson, John Merriman, Major 1841 - 1927


Year = 1894

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Public Service

Extra = Pre 1900

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