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John Merriman Gibson's electoral address for Hawarden Parish Council "

December 1894



Hawarden Parish Council Election

December 1894


To the Electors

Ladies and Gentlemen


I am grateful to those who placed me at the top of the poll by such a decisive majority.


I believe many of you gave me votes in sympathy for my position owing to the outrageous conduct of the persons who malignantly destroyed property erected entirely for public purposes, and in nowise for private benefit.


I also attribute your support to my advocacy of the Divisions of the Parish necessary for fair representation and satisfactory working, and which, with your assistance, I hope to see carried out.


I do not agree with the clap-trap politicians who have been stumping the district telling people that great advantages would follow the formation of Parish and District Councils. I fear full value will not be received for the extra rates which will be levied. The Act is a difficult and complicated one, and good can only come by it if all work harmoniously together for the good of the greatest number, and that no cliques, either political, religious, or otherwise, are formed for their own purposes.


I shall gladly receive suggestions, and will use my best efforts in forwarding any object for the general good, in the hope that I may not only retain the confidence of those who voted for me, but that I may attain their friendship, together with that of those who did not give me their support at this Election.


Most sincerely wishing you

A Very Happy and Prosperous 1885

I am,

Yours faithfully

John M Gibson

Author: Gibson, John Merriman, Major 1841 - 1927


Year = 1894

Month = December

Document = Letter

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Public Service

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = Pre 1900

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