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Saint Matthew's Church Lads' Brigade "


The names noted on the photograph are those listed on the Record Office document Ref. 11/180: St. Matthew's Church Lads Brigade c. 1912

Arthur Jones died in Palestine. His nickname was "Emaes", possibly from the place where he died.

Johnny Griffiths was awarded the Serbian Cross


Mr Fred Birks, nephew of Fred Birks on this photo, also supplied a list of names, in which some were different from the above. These are noted below.

Back Row: First on left: Herbert Iball instead of Ike Powell.

Third from right: Harold Kelly instead of Harold Kelky.

Last on right: Harry Iball instead of Thomas Iball.

Middle Row: First on left: Joseph Hughes instead of Joe Hayes.

Fourth from right: Olive (Ollive?) Hayes instead of Oliver Hayes.

Front Row: Reverend Raymond Pelly instead of Reverend Douglas Pellin

Last on right: Joseph Crofts instead of Joseph Croft.


Ken Lloyd Gruffydd, Buckley Society magazine editor, interviewed two elderly gentlemen in May 1979 and the following can be noted from his list.

Back Row: First on left: Ike Powell

Third from right: Harold Kelley

Last on right: Thomas Iball

Middle Row: First on left: Joseph Hughes

Fourth from right: Olive (Ollive?)Hayes, potter

Front Row: Reverend Williams - curate; 6' 6"

Reverend Douglas Pelly, D.S.O.






Author: Anon


Year = 1912

Gender = Male

People = Group

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = 1910s

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