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Soldier's Service Book belonging to John Eric Hayes"

1 May 1939

see 7.239 for Eric Hayes' memoir, "About me in a Nutshell", which describes his experiences as a prisoner of war in Poland.


The Soldier's Service Book, in addition to these first pages, contained sections on:

Particulars of training

Record of employment as an army tradesman

Record of specialist employment whilst serving

Medical classification

Prescription for glasses


Protective inoculations

Particulars of new artificial dentures supplied

Next of kin now living: Father - Joshua Hayes

Mother - Annie Hayes

Brothers and sisters - Sydney Hayes and Edith Mary Hayes

(both younger)

Soldiers' wills - long and short forms.


Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 1939

Month = May

Day = 1

Event = Historic

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Military

Extra = Military

Extra = WW2

Extra = 1930s

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