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Catherall's 'Trap' Brickworks, before demolition"

Trap Brickworks, Buckley




Nicknamed "Keetra's Brikil"


Grinding shed and powdered clay temporary shed.


When the River Dee was canalised in 1837, the mineral wealth of Flintshire could be profitably exploited. Certain adventurers, including Jonathan Catherall, developed clayfields in Buckley, manufactured fire-clay brickware and established tramways down to the new navigable channel.


Small coal fields were also enlarged and the combination of coal, pot clay and refactory clays, with easy transport distribution, led to Buckley becoming a leading centre of industrial refactory and high standard clayware.


Over the years, numerous other small concerns as well as Catherall's flourished, which finally were swallowed up into two main concerns. They were Castle Brick Company, a part of Shotton Steel Works, and General Refactories Ltd.


By the 1980's, only Castle Brick Co, now Hanson's, remained. They manufactured

from two Buckley works, viz. Catherall's and "Lane End". In 1986 Catherall's closed and was then demolished.


I was allowed to photograph scenes from its final demolition.

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1986

Building = Industrial

Event = Historic

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = Architecture

Extra = 1980s

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